Welcome to Babbe Music's official blog! We are a Touhou arrangement circle from Germany, that means we produce music based on the soundtrack of the Touhou Project (東方Project) games!

Active Members

Babbe - Arranger & Lyricist - Circle Leader
Babbe, born 1992, founded his own doujin music circle Babbe Music in 2012. He has been a fan of the Touhou music scene for a long time, and songs by REDALiCE, syrufit and Masayoshi Minoshima inspired him to create his own arrangements. Starting off with Trance and House arrangements, he began to explore more genres such as Electro House, Dubstep and Orchestral. Nowadays he also produces music for Japanese circles like Diverse System and Yonder Voice.

Sasi - Lyricist & Vocalist
She's born in 1997. Since 2011 she has made her own song fancovers for YouTube. She was inspired by YouTube user SomehowCreative. Because of her friends Milky and Babbe she started to sing Touhou Songs especially, with her first appearance in Babbe Music being on DEVISED DANCEFLOOR (2013). Since then, she's involved in every new album. She's leading her own Touhou Doujin Circle "Blossom Nightfall".

kuroTenshi - Vocalist
kuroTenshi is not only the first Vocalist who joined Babbe Music, but also the youngest one. She does not sing too much, but still tries to improve every time! Usually, in the songs she's singing, she plays the role of specific characters and tries to act like them. Her most famous line is probably "Meine Pantsu klaun" ("Steal my pantsu"), which has been featured in the song "Wanna steal the Ice Fairy's Pantsu" as well as "Scared Fairy with Nice Pantsu".
kuroTenshi on YouTube

Milkychan - Vocalist & Cover Artist
Milkychan started singing in November 2010. She loves to cover Anime soundtracks, Vocaloid and Touhou songs. In 2012, she got to know Babbe through a German Touhou forum and joined his doujin circle as vocalist. She appeared in many songs released by Babbe Music. She decided to start her own Doujin Circle "Last Dream" where she releases her new works.

Kasuka - Vocalist & Cover Artist
The passionate Vocaloid and Kagamine Len fan first started singing in Summer 2009 on YouTube. Inspired by various compositions for the Vocaloid fandom she decided to share their stories in German with her partner Lolina. On formspring she met Babbe and joined his circle as vocalist. Apart from this, she often draws own Illustrations or PVs for her fancovers. She also contributed the album cover for the EP of Princess of Eternity.
Kasuka on YouTube

Guest Arrangers